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Parchware, is a provider of innovative and eco-friendly food packaging solutions. We are proud to announce the launch of our new product line, Parchware Disposable Bakeware. This new line of high-quality bakeware is perfect for baking, cooking, and serving a variety of baked goods from cakes, pies, and loafs.


The first prototype consisted of Jennifer taking a cardboard box and lining it with coated paper. She baked a perfect loaf of banana bread and knew she was on to something. The experiment was repeated again with a cake and some cookies. After many successful tests, she engaged some suppliers to help bring her product to market. Cardboard can withstand heat up to 425 degrees. Traditional baked goods like cakes, cookies and breads are all baked in lower ranges
(350 -375 Fahrenheit)


Parchware Disposable Bakeware is made from premium-grade cardboard paper able to hold volumes up to 2 lbs. It is coated with natural kraft parchment paper, which is both eco-friendly and biodegradable. Unlike traditional metal or glass bakeware, Parchware is lightweight, flexible, and can be used for both baking and serving. The lined material also ensures that food is evenly cooked and does not stick to the surface, resulting in perfectly baked goods.


Our Story

Parchware disposable bakeware was the dream of a non-professional at-home baker. Jennifer, the owner, loved to bake cakes, pies, and various breads. She would use parchment paper to prevent her baked goods from sticking. Jennifer grew tired of the cumbersome parchment paper and decided to create her own disposable bakeware lined with parchment paper.

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